About us

Adelman Lumber Company opened its doors to business in 1912 when its founder Abe Adelman first incorporated it. Mr. Adelman began work as a lumber broker selling railroad cars full of lumber and related products across the United States.  In the mid 1920’s Adelman then purchased a local company called Pennsylvania Sash and Door that allowed him to enter the Millwork business.  Abe ran the business, and his son Bill began to help in the late 1930’s.  Unfortunately, Bill passed away in World War II, and soon after Abe passed away in 1947.  Without much choice the Adelman Estate ran the business until Ted Engleman purchased the business in 1950.

Ted first aim was to find a new location, and he quickly brought a building at 13th and Smallman Street in downtown Pittsburgh.  Ted learned quickly and as the business continued to succeed, he further added to its success by purchasing the Bee Gee window company from Brown and Graves Lumber in Ohio.  To manage this new company Ted’s son-in-law Norman Wolff entered the business in 1956.  Norman was in charge of the window company, as the two companies were run as separately out of the same location.  Adelman Lumber Company sold doors, molding, and various other millwork items, whereas Bee Gee only sold windows.  The businesses operated this way until 1971.

In 1971 Norman closed the window business and began working for Adelman Lumber Company under Ted.  Ted went onto retire in 1978 handling the presidency of the company to Norman.  Norman continued to run the company as a true two-step wholesaler the way company started, and continues to work today.  Eventually, Norman’s son Howard entered the business in 1980.  Norman accomplished a lot over the years, but finally retired in 1998 handing the business to Howard.  Howard is still the proud owner and President of Adelman Lumber Company today.

Over the years Adelman Lumber Company moved three times.  The company moved from its second location on Smallman Street, to Pittsburgh’s Northside for 10 years, and then to Lawrenceville where the company is based today.  The company continues to wholesale mainly residential building products, prehung doors, door slabs and bifolds, fiberglass columns, exterior trim boards, and vinyl railings.  It is the company’s strong commitment to quality and service, and superior inside and outside sales that has allowed Adelman Lumber Company to look forward to their 100th year of business.  Adelman Lumber Company’s true success has come solely from our strong customer base that has supported our effort throughout the years.